To care for your new enamel jewelry, please keep in mind that enamel is glass fused on metal.  It should be treated as delicate as glass and bending, dropping it on hard surface or any hard contact may cause the glass to crack or break.  While they are more durable than glass in its own state, enameled jewelry should be treated with care.

Jewelry made with fine, sterling or argentium silver will tarnish over time.  Store in an airtight plastic bag when not wearing with an anti-tarnish strip or small plastic bags. A soft, lint-free cloth can be used to shine silver and wipe fingerprints and smudges from them, always making sure to hold them carefully as you do so. An anti-tarnish jewelry polishing cloth, such as Sunshine Polishing Cloth, may be used to clean and gently polish the wire and metal.


Leather will withstand occasional contact with water, but avoid immersion or contact with pool/spa chemicals or spray-on sunscreen.  Any alcohol product as well as perfumes, colognes, and body lotion should also be avoided. Avoid wearing your leather jewelry during an activity that could be abrasive to the leather surface.  Leather is a natural material and will soften over time especially where folded or knotted.  Leather care products can be used to improve the longevity of leather. Care should be taken to ensure that any leather care product used is entirely absorbed prior to wearing your jewelry. To clean, wipe with a soft, damp cloth. When cleaning metal portion of your piece, please be careful to only use metal cleaner on the metal and not on the leather.

Copper will tarnish when exposed to air or when it touches our skin.  Some people may experience the green stain when worn close to skin.  The same bracelet worn by different people will have different effect.  It may remain shiny and bright on some while others may see their copper jewelry turn dark brown right away.  This is a reaction based on your acidity level.  While medically not proven, copper is said to have provide relief for aching joints.



Enamel is a thin layer of glass so if you drop or bump against a hard surface, it will crack or break.  Please handle with care.