What started out as stress release from working in the corporate world, jewelry making quickly turned into an obsession/addiction.  Being on this creative journey has brought much needed balance and I'm so grateful to be able to explorer a creative passion in my life.  I originally named my business as Malie Kai Designs which was named after my children's middle names and in 2013, I decided to brand myself and emerged as Kumi Fisher Designs.

I am intrigued with working with metals and enamels and always amazed at how you can transform metal sheets and wire into wearable art. Working with enamels can be unpredicable and I love the suspense while the piece is being fired.  Such a great feeling when it all comes together after hammering, bending, wrapping, and torching!

I've had and continue to have the pleasure of taking classes/workshops from many talented artists and I am so grateful for all of them sharing their special talent.  As I go through this incredible journey, I am getting closer and closer to finding my voice.  

After a 3 year break from metalsmithing, I have set up my jewelry studio again and will be making one of a kind pieces soon.   

Mahalo for joining my creative journey!  Each piece is handmade with Aloha and hope you will find something that will Adorn Your Heart!

Kumi Fisher, Designer