To kick off 2015 I'm so excited to share my new logo! 

I've been wanting to create a logo for a long time but graphic designs is just not my thing.  After months of failed attempt to come up with a logo on my own, right before Thanksgiving of 2014, I hired Kharisma Ryantori Sommers.  I've admired her jewelry designs for several years.  When she recently posted on Aspiring Metalsmith's group on FB that she does graphic designs, I decided she was the gal for the job.  After I shared my wishlist and she saw my work on FB and the website, she came up with various options.  We fine tuned the designs and tada!  I am so thrilled to finally have a logo that represents me!  Now I can make a metal stamp to mark my work!  So thankful that she was able to capture the essence of what was in my mind.  I can't be happier with what she designed!

Now that I have this fabulous logo, I need to step up my game.  It's an exciting start of the New Year!  Mahalo for joining my creative journey!  Wishing you all a fabulous 2015!




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